Antec NSK4100 Midi-Toren Zwart

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Antec NSK4100 Midi-Toren Zwart
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The NSK4100 builds upon the legacy of its award winning predecessor and stays true to the New Solution Series commitment of providing great value. It also comes with an effective cooling design which includes one exhaust fan and two additional fan mounts. Finally, this case is covered by Antec's AQ3 three-year warranty for total peace of mind. Quiet Computing The NSK4100 is quiet, understated, and very practical - making it the ideal choice for any corporate or home environments Construction It supports Standard ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards and has a matte black front bezel that creates an elegant, professional appearance. The NSK4100 features cable management and superior expandability to organize a clean, powerful build. It is constructed of sturdy SGCC Steel to sustain multiple upgrades and fits graphics cards up to 11.0" (280mm).

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